Hawks Men Lose Narrowly to Thames Mavericks

In a thrilling Round 4 encounter of the Men’s National Series, the Hawks Men faced off against the Thames Mavericks in a game that showcased the Hawks’ exceptional talent and determination. Despite a close-fought battle and a strong halftime lead, the Hawks narrowly fell to the Mavericks with a final score of 51-46. However, the match highlighted the Hawks’ resilience and skill, with each player contributing significantly to the intense contest.

From the opening whistle, both teams displayed fierce competitiveness. The first quarter saw the Mavericks taking a slim lead of 11-10. However, the Hawks quickly found their rhythm in the second quarter. GS Javi Marin-Florido, was instrumental in this resurgence, showcasing incredible accuracy and calm under pressure. His synergy with GA Toby Garbett and WA Stephen Kelly was evident, as Kelly’s agility and vision created numerous scoring opportunities, allowing the Hawks to establish a solid 27-20 lead at halftime.

In the second quarter, Charlie Jordan replaced Ross Kelly WD, providing fresh energy and strengthening the defensive line. This adjustment allowed the rest of the team to maintain their positions and continue their strong performance. GD Rayon Atkinson and GK Aston Morris were crucial in breaking the Mavericks’ attacking plays, with Morris’s interceptions and Atkinson’s shot-blocking playing key roles in keeping the Hawks ahead.

The halftime break saw further strategic adjustments from the Hawks. Ross Kelly re-entered the game as C, moving Dani Marin-Florido to WA, Stephen Kelly to GA, and Toby Garbett GK, while Aston Morris took a well-deserved rest. These changes showcased the Hawks’ versatility and ability to adapt to the evolving dynamics of the match.

Despite these strategic adjustments, the Mavericks managed to claw their way back in the third quarter, reducing the Hawks’ lead and ending the quarter just ahead at 37-36. Throughout this period, the Hawks’ defence continued to work tirelessly, with Ross Kelly’s fresh legs entering the court as C complementing the efforts of Atkinson and Garbett.

As the game reached its climax, the Hawks demonstrated remarkable teamwork and determination. All players back as the original line up. The final quarter was a nail-biter, with both teams trading goals in a fiercely contested battle. The dynamic duo of Javi Marin-Florido and Toby Garbett continued to press hard against the Mavericks’ defence, while Dani Marin-Florido provided crucial support in the attacking third. Ross Kelly’s coordination from the C position and the defensive efforts of Jordan, Atkinson and Morris were pivotal in keeping the game tight.

Despite the relentless efforts of the Hawks’ defence, the Mavericks managed to maintain their momentum. However, the Hawks’ resilience shone through as they fought valiantly until the final whistle. Although the result did not go in their favour, the Hawks’ performance was nothing short of brilliant.

Javi Marin-Florido’s outstanding display earned him the Player of the Match accolade, highlighting his pivotal role in keeping the Hawks competitive. The cohesive efforts of the team, from the defensive strength of Atkinson and Morris to the versatile playmaking of Dani Marin-Florido, underscored their potential for future matches.

The Hawks’ display of resilience, skill, and teamwork in this tightly contested match promises a strong performance in the upcoming rounds. With a talented roster and unwavering determination, the Hawks remain a formidable force in the Men’s National Series, poised to deliver more thrilling encounters in the battles to come.

Final Score: Thames Mavericks 51 – 46 Hawks

Back left to right – Toby Garbett – Rayon Atkinson – Javi Marin-Florido – Aston Morris
Front left to right – Charlie Jordan – Ross Kelly – Dani Marin-Florido – Stephen Kelly

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