Trekkers Raise Mountain Topping £24K for Chiltern Centre

Eight intrepid trekkers completed a three-day climb to Mount Toubkal in North Africa in aid of The Chiltern Centre and raised an incredible £24,000.

The climb to the highest peak in North Africa at 4,167 metres, the trekkers averaged 1000m of ascent each day sleeping in refuges along the way. Days ranges from 8-14 hours of climbing with some 4am starts and temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to zero!   

The trekkers who fundraised for The Chiltern Centre were Ben Ansell, Marc Gross, Jenny Williamson, Matt Mackinnon, Jane Ainslie, Cheryl Purver, Nick Steel and Malcolm McGilchrist. The charity were hugely grateful to Lynne Lambourne who has been a fantastic support to the centre and raised a huge amount of money but sadly had to pull out of the trek due to injury.

Marc Gross said “We completed Mount Toubkal, Adrar Tinlin & Tizimzimzik ascents. Amazing trip, awesome crew. Worth the effort, new mates and Morocco exceeded already high expectations! Massive thanks to everyone who donated to the The Chiltern Centre, your generosity is astounding, it spurred us on and you should feel immense pride in knowing your donations will directly improve the lives of young adults and their families, who have their own significant challenges. Thank you! Also a massive thanks to #360Expeditions, you are World Class at what you do. Finally Amelia Ash you are not only an epic Sister-in-Law, but also our inspiration for the trip!” 

Cheryl Purver added, “As the blisters subside and the bruises fade, surrealism sets in and it’s hard to believe that just 5 days ago I was stood on top of a 4,167m mountain that had been conquered by woman power alone.  As a skier I thought l’d been on top of the world, but that pales into insignificance to the discombobulating mix of utter exhaustion and total exhilaration that comes in one hit as you touch the shrine of the Atlas tallest mountain in Morocco, Mount Toubkal.

“In order to gain some perspective, my fellow trekkers calculated day one was “double Nevis”, day 2 was just shy of Mount Fuji and day three was incalculable due to the 3,000m descent that followed our trip to the top.  There has been some adrenalin filled antics in my life but when you complete that last zig zag, the sun hits you square in the face for the first time that day and that illustrious peak starts peeking back at you, there are no words to describe the moment.  And Rolfe was entirely correct – Toubkal was my first mountain, as I head to Kenya in 2026! It is signed, sealed and will be delivered.”

Izzy Ansell, PR & Marketing Manager for The Chiltern Centre said, “We are so grateful to the eight incredible individuals who dedicated a year of their lives to plan, train, and successfully summit the highest mountain in North Africa – Mount Toubkal. Their extraordinary effort has raised a substantial amount for the centre, making a profound difference in the lives of the young adults we support. Their commitment and bravery are so  inspiring — thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”



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