Henley Police Update – Vehicles Given Warning Letters After Latest Car Meet

Henley Neighbourhood Police Officer Barb Taylor gave Henley Town Council’s Town & Community meeting this week an update on recent police work and crimes.

On the evening of 19 May police received several calls in relation to vehicles attending Tesco’s car park having an illegal car meet. Five of those vehicles have received section 59 warnings and will have their vehicles seized if seen again acting anti-socially; over 18 other vehicles have received warning letters from police for attending such an event.

The PSPO (Public Spaces Protection Order) and the bad weather have assisted in fewer numbers of young persons congregating at Fawley Meadows this year. Police have been able to move on groups of three or more causing anti-social behaviour in that area. Patrols will be ongoing throughout the summer months.

During a shoplifting week of action, several prolific shop-lifters have been arrested and will be dealt with via the courts. All the local food stores have been visited and security advice given.

Housing and police continue working together and two recent closure orders have concluded with safeguarding put in place at both properties.


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