Henley Regatta Day 3: Mixed Results for Local Crews

The sun made a welcome return today but the head wind made it difficult for rowing.

First to catch-up on the late races on Day 2 Leander Club beat Lea Rowing Club in The Thames Challenge Cup (M8+) easily by 4 1/2 lengths and in the last race of the day in The Prince of Wales Challenge Cup (M4x) they won against Agecroft Rowing Club by 2 lengths in a quick time of 6.55 mins. Upper Thames Rowing Club ‘A’ won against Tyne Amateur Rowing Club in the The Wargrave Challenge Cup (W8+) by 1 1/4 length after being behind at the Barrier.

On Day 3 (today) Upper Thames Rowing Club had a mixed day.  They beat Molesey Boat Club in The Wyfold Challenge Cup (M4) by 1 1/4 length and their ‘B’ crew beat Belvoir Ruderclub Zürich by 2 1/4 lengths with a time of 7:59 mins in the Wargrave.    They lost to Oxford Brookes University in the The Town Challenge Cup (W4) by just 2/3 length after they were leading at the Barrier and Fawley and to Sydney Rowing Club, Australia in the The Wargrave Challenge Cup (W8+) by just 1 length.

Leander Club only lost one race today however they started off with an unfortunate draw between two club crews with ‘A’ beating ‘B’ in the The Town Challenge Cup (W4) by 1 1/2 length. In the Wargrave (W8+) they won against Vesta Rowing Club 2 lengths in a time of 7:55 mins.  A composite Leander Club and Oxford University beat Thames Rowing Club in the Town Challenge Cup (W4) narrowly by just 2 feet. In the Princess Grace (W4x), Leander beat Der Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club and Lübecker Ruder-Gesellschaft von 1885 e.V., Germany by 1 3/4 with a time of 8:12 mins. They took the win in the Queen Mother (M4x) against Team España by 2 lengths with a time of 7:03 mins. In the Thames (M8+), they beat Twickenham finishing in 7:13 mins. Unfortunately they lost the Princess Grace (W4x) to Shawnigan Lake School, Canada.

Shiplake College were beaten in the Diamond Jubilee (W4x) by E.L Crossley school, Canada however the M4x went on to beat Ruder-Club Allemannia von 1866 e.V., Hamburg, Germany, in the Fawley (M4x) easily with a time of 7:33 mins.


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