Henley Regatta Day 4: Rainy Conditions Make Racing Very Difficult

Rainy conditions really hampered the racing today and even special VIP visitor, Theresa May had to shelter from the rain on an Umpire’s launch.
In the late races on Day 3 Leander Club won against The Tideway Scullers’ School in The Fawley Challenge Cup (M4) and in the battle of the local crews Shiplake College beat Henley Rowing Club in the (JW8+)  1 1/3 length after Henley were ahead at the Barrier and Fawley in a time of 7.45 mins which meant the end of Henley Rowing Club’s 2024 Regatta.
Today (Friday) Leander Club got two crews through to the Visitors’ Challenge Cup semi-final.  Leander Club ‘A’ beat Roeivereeniging Studenten Vreie Universiteit Okeanos and Tilburgse Studenten Roeivereniging Vidar, Netherlands in by 2 1/4 lengths and Leander Club ‘B’ beat  University of California, Berkeley ‘A by 1¼ length.  In the Wargrave (W8+) they won against Sydney Rowing Club, Australia by 1¼ length.  The Men’s 8+ also got through to the semi-finals by beating Avon Rowing Club, New Zealand in The Thames Challenge Cup by 3/4 length.  J. Gare & C. Dafydd beat H.A.W. Moule & B.C. Bullen, Sudbury Rowing Club in the Double Sculls easily in a time of 7.42 mins.  Leander Club ‘A’ beat University of Washington, U.S.A. by 2 ½ length in the The Town Challenge Cup (W4).  Star and Arrow Club crew with Olympians Will Satch and Jack Beaumont in the crew got through to the semi-finals by beating  The Tideway Scullers’ School and Delftsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Proteus-Eretes, Netherlands by just 1/3 length in the Prince of Wales (M4x).
Three Leander Club crews went out on Day 4.  In the Princess Grace Challenge Cup (W4x) by 3 1/4 lengths to Ruderclub Baden and See-Club Luzern, Switzerland, to Rowing Canada ‘A’, Canada who beat a composite Leander Club and Oxford University crew in the The Town Challenge Cup (W4) by 2 3/4 lengths and in the women’s double sculls of Birch and Burton to a Cambridge Boat Club, USA crew who beat them easily.
Upper Thames Rowing Club didn’t have a good on Day 4, they were beaten in the Wyfold Cup by Thames Rowing Club A by 2 lengths and by London Rowing Club ‘A’ in the The Wargrave Challenge Cup (W8+) by 1 ⅔ length.
Shiplake College got through to 2 semi-finals beating Radley College in a tight race in the The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup (JM8+) by just 3/4 length after Radley were winning at the Barrier and Fawley and the JM4 beat Leander Club in the Fawley Cup by 1 1/2 length.  They however were beaten by Marin Rowing Association, U.S.A. in the Prince Phillip (W8+) by 1 1/2 lengths in very rainy conditions.



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