Henley Regatta Semi-Finals: Leander & Shiplake Through to Finals

The semi-finals were a mixture of sun, wind and plenty of rain on the Regatta course.

Now, the later races on Day 4…

In the Remenham (W8+), Leander/Bann RC lost to Princeton Training Center and Advanced Rowing Initiative of the Northeast, USA. In another close race for Leander, the Prince of Wales (M4x) against Rudergesellschaft “Hansa” Hamburg and Rudervereinigung Kappeln im Turn- und Sportverein Kappeln von 1876 e.V., Germany, was won by 1 1/4 lengths in 6:36 mins.

Today (Saturday) there were plenty of Leander crews that had made it through to the semis. In the second race of the day, the Wargrave (W8+), Leander were unfortunately beaten by Thames RC A. In the Grand Challenge (M8+), the crew was beaten by Oxford Brookes and Taurus BC. In a very close race for the Thames challenge (M8+), Koninklijke Amsterdamsche Roei- en Zeilvereeniging ‘De Hoop’, Netherlands beat Leander but only by 1/3 of a length. The Visitors’ (M4) allowed a battle between Leander A and Leander B, with Leander A coming out on top by 2 1/4 lengths and a finishing time of 7:09 mins. With the winning streak up and running again, the Town (W4) was won by Leander A against Oxford Brookes with a lead of 2 1/2 lengths and a time of 8:09 mins. In the Queen Mother (M4x), Leander beat Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association and California Rowing Club, USA by 1/2 a length and finished in 6:56 mins. In the Prince of Wales Challenge Cup they beat Queen’s University, Belfast by 3/4 length.  Former Leander and Olympians Will Satch and Jack Beaumont’s 2024 Regatta return came to an end against Algemene Amsterdamsche Studenten Roeivereniging Skøll, Netherlands by 3 1/4 lengths in the Prince of Wales (M4x).  The other W8+ crew didn’t reach the finals in the late race losing to Oxford Brookes University narrowly by 2/3 length in the Remenham Challenge Cup.

In the Fawley (M4x), Shiplake College were beaten by Marlow RC by 2 3/4 lengths. In the Princess Elizabeth (M8+) they came back to win against Eton by 3/4 length in a time of 6:57 mins to get to the final against St Edward’s School.



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