Back in Line
We are a team of Chiropractors based in Henley offering a number of services including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, Pilates instruction and custom made orthotics.
Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic with a focus on fertility and women's and men's reproductive health along with treating many internal medicine issues such as asthma, eczema and psoriasis. AAT allergy treatments no drugs no needles !
Gemma Fresacher Bio Energy Healer
Bio Energy Healing
Intuitive Energy Healing
Distant Healing
Henley Community Acupuncture
Henley Community Acupuncture is a multi-bed acupuncture clinic based at the Christchurch Community Centre, 46 Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames. We provide affordable acupuncture in a peaceful group setting. We are open from 9 -12pm every Tuesday. Drop in for a free taster session or book your appointment in advance, either by email at or by phone on 07904 588395. Visit for more information.
Henley Massage Therapy – Wellbeing for women
Wellbeing for Women - Unwind Mind, Body & Soul

Offering massage therapy & bodywork; Deep tissue massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Reset Massage, Reiki Massage, Reiki Healing, Reflexology etc.

I am a soft tissue therapist based in Henley. Using various techniques including massage, my aim is to identify and address the root cause of any muscular imbalances that may be causing pain and restricting joint mobility, educating my clients on how to best help themselves.
Reflexology for your Health & Well-Being, offering:
Foot Reflexology
Facial Reflexology
Maternity Reflexology
Lymph Drainage Reflexology
Sense of Serene Hypnotherapy
Qualified and Registered Hypnotherapist