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Gardening Blog – That’s Enough Rain for Now

Did I really write ‘this week’s rain was such a treat’ in early June? I guess it was a treat at the time, but a day or so of sun […]

Gardening Blog – A Busy Month on the Allotment

My ancient gardening handbook describes June as ‘a busy month on the allotment’. We’re only in the first week, but already I agree. Everything is growing rapidly – and that […]

Henley Plant Sale

Annual Allotment Plant Sale Grew Bigger This Year

An array of flower and vegetable seedlings plus bundles and bundles of rhubarb were all on offer at the Henley Allotments Association annual plant sale on Saturday in Market Place. […]

Gardening Blog – Spare Leek Seedlings Welcome

‘Go away for two weeks in the growing season and you risk losing an entire veg crop’. With the words of a very experienced gardener and teacher ringing in my […]

Gardening Blog – Sow a Few Extra

This is the time of year when we can’t move for seedlings. The shelves in the little potting shed are overflowing and all the windowsills in the house are crammed […]

Gardening Blog – Getting Started at the Allotment

‘Plant out at the full moon and sow seeds with the new moon’ – just one of many helpful tips passed on by Andrew Hawkins at the recent allotment workshop. […]

Gardening Blog – Tips from the Top

It’s time to start sowing.  If the very idea brings panic rather than pleasure into your heart, come along to Greencroft at 10.00 am this Saturday, 12th March for a […]

Gardening Blog – A Good Time to Plant Fruit

This is a good time to of year to look at the condition of our soil. Allotments have been cultivated for generations and so tend to be in pretty good […]

Gardening Blog – Time to Plan

Today would have been a perfect day to be on the allotment – the first blue sky and sun we’ve seen for a while. Instead, feeling the need for as […]

Gardening Blog – Hat of Many Colours

Thank you Doug Richards – site manager at Watermans and chef with a hat of many colours – for feeding us so well at the Allotment Association Christmas dinner. Thank […]