Arts Society Gift Aids to Henley Music School

The Henley Arts Society has pledged to support Henley Music School as part of its Community Arts programme, which works […]

Henley Art Society Talk – Art Behind Bars

Thursday 20 January 2022 at Phyllis Court 10.45 repeated at 2.15pm by Angela Findlay Years of working as an artist […]

Young Artists’ Work Selected for RSBA National Competition

Members of The Arts Society Henley again this year visited A level exhibitions of local schools with a view to […]

Local Young Artists’ Work Chosen for National Competition

The Arts Society Henley (formerly Hedfas) visited the A level art exhibitions of Henley College and the Piggott School and […]

Afternoon Tea With Loyd Grossman at HEDFAS 40th Anniversary Celebration

On Tuesday, 20 June HEDFAS (Henley Decorative and Fine Arts Society) marked their 40th anniversary at Phyllis Court Club with […]

Children Delighted to See Their Artwork on Special HEDFAS 40th Anniversary Banner

Members of HEDFAS (Henley Decorative and Fine Arts Society) and Henley Youth Festival (HYF) visited Nettlebed school on Monday along […]

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester Attends Arts Society’s 40th Anniversary Event

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester attended the Henley Decorative Fine Art Society (DFAS) 40th Anniversary event at Phyllis […]

Hedfas Sixth Form Prize Winners

Hedfas Presentation to Local Students

Every year Hedfas (Henley Decorative and Fine Arts Society) is invited by The Henley College and The Piggott School in […]