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Henley Children’s Theatre Delight Crowds on Day 3 Of Living Advent Calendar

Hearts melted at Day 3 of the Living Advent Calendar as Henley Children’s Theatre put on an irresistibly sweet performance. […]

Henley Living Advent Calendar 2014

LAC Day 22 – Children’s Theatre Group Pitch Perfect Performance

Henley Children’s Theatre Group made their pitch perfect performance on the Henley Hawks rugby pitch last night as part of […]

Children Entertain Residents at Acacia Lodge with Xmas Sing Song

Henley Children’s Theatre singing group visited Acacia Lodge last Friday to sing for the residents. They sang a a few […]

Hunt The Apples – Win Pantomime Tickets

A Hunt the Apple Trail through Henley has just been launched by the Henley Children’s Theatre Group to win a […]

Rosie’s Rainbow Fund – UK Launch of Special Music Video in Henley

This year, on Tuesday, 2 December 2014, Rosie’s Rainbow Fund children’s charity is taking part in a campaign that it […]

Henley Children’s Theatre Group Celebrates 45 years

Founded in 1969 by Flavia Pickworth, the group is still run today by the same family. Mike Hurst, of 60’s […]

Dick Whittington Panto – Purrfect Slapstick

Two separate casts of children from Henley and the surrounding areas, aged between three and sixteen years old, are putting […]