Citizens Advice Tip – Organise Fuel Bill Suppliers Before Winter

Did you know that Citizens Advice has advisers who can help you sign up with a new fuel or electricity company, or switch to a better tariff? There’s no charge […]

Neighbourhood Watch Introduces New Safety In Neighbours Burglary Campaign

Now that we’re all starting to ease out of lockdown, we need to make sure that as well as keeping ourselves safe, we’re keeping our homes and neighbourhoods safe. More […]

Henley Decor Fair Organised by TV Restoration Workshop Star

It has evolved into one of the country’s favourite antique, retro, reclaim and vintage events, Henley Décor Fair 2020 (previously Fawley Decorative Fair), is coming to Henley-on-Thames this year and […]

Rotary Talk – Crisis? What Crisis? Housing in Henley

Matthew Davis, co founder of Davis Tate estate agents was the speaker at this week’s online Henley Rotary Club talk who spoke about the status of the housing market after […]

Henley Society Continues to Restore Historic House Signs

The Henley Society project to restore the historic house signs in Henley has been continuing despite the coronavirus lockdown with 6 more signs being recently completed. The recent completed signs […]

Property Market on the Move Again After Relaxing of Lock Down Rules

People can view properties and move house from today, after a change in Government lock down guidance, enabling anyone in England to buy, sell or rent property. The government estimates […]

Citizens Advice – Get Help if you Can’t Pay Household Bills

The arrival of coronavirus in the UK and the threat of infection has emptied streets, confined us in our houses, closed shops and offices and filled hospitals with thousands of […]

Zzoomm Gives Free Upgrade During Lockdown

Zzoomm are now pushing ahead with installing fast full-fibre broadband in the centre of town during the lockdown in line with government guidelines. The build teams are continuing their progress, […]

Eighth Henley Design Day Gathers Local Experts In Home Design

The eighth Henley Design Day offered as much architectural and home improvement inspiration as ever as it returned to the Town Hall last Saturday. 21 stalls lined the hall promoting […]

Woody’s Handmade Polished Concrete Products for Your Kitchen

Over the past four years Woody’s Concrete Company Ltd has worked to build a team that is committed to creating handmade polished concrete products of the very best quality. Woody […]