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Dave Stewart Gives Festival Goers Sweet Dreams!

Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics and his band were the headline performer on last night’s floating stage at Henley Festival. […]

Opening of New Consulting Room at Bell Surgery

The Bell Surgery on Wednesday held a ceremony to formally open an extra consulting room. Dr Matt Norman introduced Janet […]

Nicole Asks Festival Goers Don’t Cha Want to Have Some Fun Tonight

The atmosphere at the Henley Festival’s opening night was electric, as the crowd eagerly soaked in the vibrant sights and […]

New Technologies in Automotive Engines: How They Improve Performance and Economy

The automotive industry has seen significant advancements in engine technology over the past decade. These innovations have revolutionized the way […]

British Slovene Society Hosts Bled Twinning Events

The British-Slovene Society organised two events last weekend to forge the twinning relationship with Bled in Slovenia. Henley has been […]

Celebration of Victoria Wood Music Show

Looking For Me Friend: The Music of Victoria Wood, the celebration of the music of the late comedy genius and […]

British Slovene Society Invites You to Twinning Events

The British Slovene Society is once again organising a picnic on Gillotts Field on Sunday 7 July next to the […]

The Games Museum Exhibition Opens to Celebrate Olympic Rowing Legacy

The new exhibition to celebrate the Olympic Games and looking ahead to Paris 2024 opened last Wednesday evening at the […]

Refugee Support Art Sales Raises £2,000

The Charity Art Sale on Saturday at Quaker Meeting House raised over £2,000 for helping refugees under the umbrella of […]

Enchanting Acorn Music Theatre Summer Outdoor Performance

Acorn Music Theatre Company are back for their summer performance next week between 3-5 July with the production of East […]