Henley Property Blog – Slowdown in Sales Following Stamp Duty Changes

Like much of the UK, Henley-on-Thames is starting to feel the impact of stamp duty changes as the market for properties worth over £1.5 million slows significantly in previous months. […]

Have Your Say – Check Your Bonfires for Hedgehogs

Every year numbers of hedgehogs die or suffer injuries due to bonfire piles not being not checked before being lit.  In just the last 10 years, hedgehog numbers have fallen […]

Henley Property Blog – The ‘Brand’ Celebrity Factor

A few weeks ago actor, comedian and self-proclaimed political activist Russell Brand was seen among the brick and flint walls of our quaint and quiet market town of Henley-on-Thames. A […]

Citizens Advice Puts Pension Options in your Hands

Q. I’ve heard that the new pension reforms say I will have full access to my pension pot when I turn 55. How do I work out what I should […]

Henley Property Blog – The Mansion Tax aftermath: A fizzle, not a bang

After months of uncertainty for prospective and current sellers alike, in the lead-up to the 2015 general election, Ed Miliband’s boisterous hollers for a Mansion Tax were finally quashed with […]

Henley Property Blog – High Flow of Interest in Riverside Properties

Each year, Henley draws thousands of guests to its picturesque riverside for the Regatta. With the sun shining, water rippling and drinks flowing, this annual festival is a reminder of […]

Henley Property Blog – Game, Set and Match – Tennis Courts Add Financial Value

With Wimbledon fast approaching at the end of the month, it’s that time of year when thoughts may well turn to tennis courts. Apart from the luxury of the court […]

Citizen’s Advice – Coping with Mobile Phone Contracts

Q. I bought a new mobile phone six months ago. Before doing so I consulted the online signal checker, but I never have any signal at home or at work. […]

Citizens Advice – Take Control of Impending Debt Problems

Citizens Advice is urging people who are worried that they are running into debt to seek help as soon as possible. The consequences of falling behind on basic bills like […]

Soul Talk – Time?!

Have you ever wondered where all the time has gone? Time is such a difficult thing to quantify due to the way we perceive it – 10 minutes spent sitting […]