Woody’s Handmade Polished Concrete Products for Your Kitchen

Over the past four years Woody’s Concrete Company Ltd has worked to build a team that is committed to creating handmade polished concrete products of the very best quality. Woody […]

The Importance of Servicing Your Boiler Each Year

Every human-made thing in the world is subject to damage. If not by natural disasters or human error, they can rot after a while of not keeping them up for […]

Henley Design Day

Saturday 7 March
Town Hall

Choosing a Sign for Your Business

Businesses rely on branding, and there’s no better branding than a clearly-visible name or logo that points out your premises and makes an impression on anybody walking past. Whether you’re […]

Business Owners Share the Best Advice for Start-Up Success in 2020

Research shows that at the start of the new year, a far higher number of entrepreneurs than any other time of year choose to launch businesses across the UK. With […]

How To Make Your House Thief-Proof

During the holidays and in general for everyday life, it is important to have a safe home. Many people live in fear that their home may be burgled. A fear […]

Christmas Church Services

Various dates, times and locations Click here for full list

Santa Fun Run

Sunday 8 December
River & Rowing Museum

Henley Christmas Festival

Friday 30 November
From 4pm

5 Ways to Easily Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

In areas such as Henley, the property market can be really competitive; so if you’re looking to sell it’s important to do all you can to attract buyers. While you […]