Have Your Say – Thank You for Your Donations

Thank you everyone who donated to our street collection in Henley on Friday 9th June in aid of Compassion in World Farming . We raised  £134.74. Compassion in World Farming […]

Have Your Say – Mayor Making Mayhem

Dear Editor, I am writing to express my complete dismay at the Mayor Making mayhem on Monday 8th May, at the town hall. As a citizen of Henley currently not […]

Have Your Say – Wildlife Greys Road Embankment Area Cut by Council

In a chance meeting with Councillor Will Hamilton by the shop halfway up Greys Road I learnt that the Town Council are planning to cut over a third of the […]

Have Your Say – Clean Air for Henley

Given my interest in Air Quality and especially the health threatening particulates from diesel, I have recently been able to use a hand-held monitoring device to look at particulate distribution […]

Have Your Say – Help with Research for Charity Football Cup Medal 1900-1901

Dear Editor I am researching a gold medal awarded in season 1900-1901 for the ‘Henley On Thames Football Charity Cup Challenge cup Competition’ and noticed your article of the 17-3-2014 […]

Have Your Say – Dangerous Parking on Elizabeth Road

I am emailing regarding the dangerous parking that has become common place on the bend of Elizabeth Road as it curves round to Elizabeth Close. On average 5 cars park […]

Have Your Say – Pot Holes in Green Lane

It is quite sad to see our roads in Henley deteriorate quickly even during a mild winter. My experience in Green Lane is not unusual with the holes causing a […]

Have Your Say – Congratulations Brian Hughes

May we congratulate Mr Brian Hughes on his British Empire Medal, it has been a long time coming. His steadfastness and dedication to the service of the charities is unequalled. […]

Have Your Say – Conservative Pollution Manifesto Guarantee

Electric cars are gradually making the news. Did you see a Tesla car easily win  a zero to 60mph contest against a very high powered combustion vehicle on Countryfile this […]

Have Your Say – Electric Cars are Making the News

What a pleasant surprise!  Following the several pieces of news about cities banning diesel and a group being formed in the UK called ‘Doctors against Diesel’ because of serious health […]