Henley’s Heritage – Friar Park

In 1889, a wealthy London solicitor Frank (later Sir Frank) Crisp bought Friar Park from Revd John Collard, who had run a small school there. Crisp substantially rebuilt the house […]

Henley’s Heritage – Kenton Theatre

The Kenton Theatre was built in 1804 by William Parker on land donated by Mr Kenton. It first opened in 1805 with The School of Reform or How to Rule […]

Henley’s Heritage – Temple Island

Fawley Temple was originally commissioned in 1769 by Sambrooke Freeman who was then residing at Fawley Court.  Its original structure consisted of two storeys, the main Etruscan room situated on […]

Henley’s Heritage – Transport

Improvements to the Henley roads in the 18th century meant people and goods started to be moved by road rather than by river.  Despite the river trade slumping, Henley continued […]

Henley’s Heritage – The Henley Shirt

The Henley Shirt, a collarless shirt with a round neckline and placket with 2-5 buttons, is now a wardrobe staple around the world thanks to designer Ralph Lauren. It was […]

History of Red Lion Hotel Unveiled on Roarsome Plaque

The Red Lion Hotel’s history will not be forgotten thanks to a new heritage information board installed on Friday outside The Relais Henley hotel by Henley Town Council. The plaque […]

Henley’s Heritage – Henley Bridge

The earliest recording of a Henley bridge is in the Patent Rolls of 1232. Leland, who died in 1552 mentions it in his ‘itinerary’ stating that it was composed entire […]

NEW Henley’s Heritage – Coat of Arms

In the first of our new Henley’s Heritage series, where we’ll look back at the history of Henley, we’re starting with how our town’s coat of arms above was formed. […]