Walk The Thames Path For A Unique Getaway

With a reported 565 boats taking part in the 2018 Henley Royal Regatta, it might be just the right time to escape the crowds and take a break. This is the third-largest entry […]

Henley Women’s Regatta

Friday 22 to Sunday 24 June

Stay Safe On The Roads In Henley

Staying safe when you are on the roads in Henley-on-Thames is essential. Traffic can be a problem, particularly during the Henley Royal Regatta, Henley Festival and Rewind. One of the worst […]

Stonor Food Festival

16-17 June
Stonor Park

Sue Ryder Sale

Saturday 9 June
10:30 am

Picnic Below the Blossom

Saturday 26 May
Community Orchard – between Paradise Road and Leaver Road

Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

It’s always an interesting experience when you visit a friend or family member and discover that their home genuinely reflects their personality. Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why this […]

How Small Businesses Can Expand into International Markets

While it’s always disappointing to learn that established businesses with premises in Henley are closing down this summer, there is good news for small businesses interested in expanding into international […]

Henley Drama Festival

2-5 May
Kenton Theatre

Henley Arts Trail

Saturday 5 May to Monday 7 May
32 Venues