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HAHG lecture: Forgotten Archives: Photographs of Archaeology in Oxfordshire

Sally Crawford, a director of the HEIR (Historic Environment Image Resource) project at the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Oxford, gave a fascinating overview of the lantern and […]

HAHG Lecture – Becoming Roman in Oxfordshire: Excavations at Marcham

On 3 November, Professor Gary Lock of the University of Oxford spoke to the Henley Archaeological and Historical Group on the topic of “Becoming Roman in Oxfordshire: Excavations at Marcham”. […]

HAHG Lecture – Drunk and Riotous: An Account of the Oxfordshire Friendly Societies

On Tuesday 6 October, the first of this season’s Henley Archaeological and Historical Group lectures was given by Shaun Morley and entitled ‘The Wise in Heart should be called Prudent’ […]

Henley Archaeological & Historical Group – The Poor Law in the 18th Century – the Crisis in the Parishes

The June meeting of the Archaeological and Historical Group saw members and visitors gathering to listen to Deborah Hayter, a tutor at Oxford University Department of Continuing Education, talk about […]

Humphrey Gainsborough Plaque

Humphrey Gainsborough Honoured With Plaque on Estate

Humphrey Gainsborough – A Man of Many Talents was recognised on Saturday when a new plaque was unveiled at the entrance to the Gainsborough Estate, which was named after him. […]