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Henley Visitors to Normandy

A party from Henley has returned from a long weekend with families in Falaise, on a visit arranged by the twinning committees of the two towns. The weather was great, […]

Twinning Association to Visit New Museum in Falaise

Members of the Henley Falaise Twinning Association have been invited  to visit a new museum on the 15 May, during their bi-annual visit to their Normandy twinning partner. Called the “Mémorial […]

Twinning Association Announce Plans for Weekend Visit to Falaise

The Henley and Falaise Twinning Association is delighted to announce their plans for this year’s weekend visit to Falaise on 13-16 May 2016. Situated some 20km south of the Channel […]

Henley-Leichlingen Twinning Association Forthcoming Events

Henley-Leichlingen Twinning Association will be hosting their first event of the Autumn season when Malcolm Page will be giving an illustrated talk on the subject of the Battle of Waterloo […]

A Twinning Visit From Henley To Leichlingen

It was our turn this year for members of the Henley Leichlingen Twinning Association to pay a visit to friends, members of the “Henley Club” in Leichlingen. We set off […]