Henley Children’s Theatre Group

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HCTG is Henley’s original Theatre Group. Founded in 1969 by Flavia Pickworth, it is still going strong today under the direction of her granddaughter, Muffin Hurst. HCTG is proud to have a young, vibrant, fresh atmosphere where children can relax and be themselves.

Henley Children’s Theatre Delight Crowds on Day 3 Of Living Advent Calendar

Hearts melted at Day 3 of the Living Advent Calendar as Henley Children’s Theatre put on an irresistibly sweet performance. […]

Henley Living Advent Calendar 2014

LAC Day 22 – Children’s Theatre Group Pitch Perfect Performance

Henley Children’s Theatre Group made their pitch perfect performance on the Henley Hawks rugby pitch last night as part of […]

Children Entertain Residents at Acacia Lodge with Xmas Sing Song

Henley Children’s Theatre singing group visited Acacia Lodge last Friday to sing for the residents. They sang a a few […]

Hunt The Apples – Win Pantomime Tickets

A Hunt the Apple Trail through Henley has just been launched by the Henley Children’s Theatre Group to win a […]

Rosie’s Rainbow Fund – UK Launch of Special Music Video in Henley

This year, on Tuesday, 2 December 2014, Rosie’s Rainbow Fund children’s charity is taking part in a campaign that it […]