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Gardening Blog – That’s Enough Rain for Now

Did I really write ‘this week’s rain was such a treat’ in early June? I guess it was a treat at the time, but a day or so of sun […]

Gardening Blog – A Busy Month on the Allotment

My ancient gardening handbook describes June as ‘a busy month on the allotment’. We’re only in the first week, but already I agree. Everything is growing rapidly – and that […]

Oxfordshire Takes the Lead as New Pilot Study Brings Silence to UK Gardens

This summer, a group of UK gardens will encourage us to switch off our phones and stop talking. Starting on Sunday, 5 June, NT Greys Court and Waterperry Gardens will […]

Gardening Blog – Spare Leek Seedlings Welcome

‘Go away for two weeks in the growing season and you risk losing an entire veg crop’. With the words of a very experienced gardener and teacher ringing in my […]

Chelsea Fringe in Henley – A Blooming Marvellous Programme of Floral Events

The Chelsea Fringe in Henley has got a great programme of events planned for this year starting with the wonderful Floral Flotilla on Saturday 21 May starting from Mill Meadows […]