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Alcohol and Exercise… A Match Made in Hell?

With the festival season (and the alcohol that often comes with it) fast approaching, have you considered the impact that it may have on your health and fitness goals? The […]

New Baby Book Teaches Mums to Trust Their Baby’s Instincts

New baby? The reassuring news is that your baby is a highly evolved being, pre-set instinctively to survive and thrive. Rachel Fitz-Desorgher’s book ‘Your Baby Skin to Skin’ which was […]

Physiolistic Celebrates Opening of New Facility at Rugby Club

Physiolistic were delighted to officially open and celebrate at their new facilities at Henley Rugby Club with owners Angela and Clint Botha being joined by Mike Trethewey, Chair of the […]

Building Underway for The Fitness Centre at Phyllis Court Club

The building of The Fitness Centre, the new health facility at Phyllis Court Club is now underway and a new planning application has been submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council […]

Can Chocolate Really Be Good For You?

It’s Easter weekend coming up so a chocolate egg will be on the cards for many of us. However, have you considered going dark? Believe it or not, dark chocolate […]