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Sue Ryder’s Night Time Care Service Extended Thanks for Late Mayor’s Trust

A Sue Ryder service giving South Oxfordshire people palliative care at home through the night is being extended, thanks to […]

Invesco Sponsors Sue Ryder Nurse for Fourth Year

Invesco has announced that it will continue to support Sue Ryder Palliative Care Hub South Oxfordshire by sponsoring a nurse […]

Exploring the World in High Definition: The Benefits of Clear Vision for Outdoor Activities

Crisp sight unlocks nature’s hidden secrets – intricate details overlooked by the careless eye. Subtle creatures camouflaged in underbrush, rugged […]

Health Committee Ignore Questions on Consultation on Removal of Step-Down Beds

The removal of the step-down hospital beds in December at Chiltern Court Care home by the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire & West […]

Council to Give Voice to Vulnerable People About Their Care

Plans to improve the way vulnerable children and adults are supported to be heard during decisions around their own heath […]