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Zzoomm Gives Free Upgrade During Lockdown

Zzoomm are now pushing ahead with installing fast full-fibre broadband in the centre of town during the lockdown in line with government guidelines. The build teams are continuing their progress, […]

Eighth Henley Design Day Gathers Local Experts In Home Design

The eighth Henley Design Day offered as much architectural and home improvement inspiration as ever as it returned to the Town Hall last Saturday. 21 stalls lined the hall promoting […]

Woody’s Handmade Polished Concrete Products for Your Kitchen

Over the past four years Woody’s Concrete Company Ltd has worked to build a team that is committed to creating handmade polished concrete products of the very best quality. Woody […]

First Residents Move Into Lovingly Restored Historical Old Workhouse Buildings

The renovation and conversion of the old Henley Union Workhouse buildings into new homes next to Townlands Memorial Hospital is finally complete after four and half years with the first […]

The Importance of Servicing Your Boiler Each Year

Every human-made thing in the world is subject to damage. If not by natural disasters or human error, they can rot after a while of not keeping them up for […]