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Inside Insurance – Is Your Home Under Insured?

Too often, homeowners request insurance cover based on outdated rebuild valuations, the market value of their house or, in some instances, guesswork. What should be considered is what it would […]

Inside Insurance – Do You Need Specialist Home Cover?

Renewing your home insurance for an unconventional house could prove more difficult than a standard one.  You may need specialist home insurance for a host of reasons which might be […]

Ways To Get The Most Out Of Interior Doors

The world of doors is much bigger than many people realise. Homeowners should take a second look at these matters, for they’ll benefit enormously if they do. While certain types […]

Our Guide To Planning Your First Visit To Henley Decorative Fair

One of the most hotly-anticipated events in the antiques and home décor calenders, the Henley Decorative Fair is a unique occasion for fans of beautiful home decorations and luxury goods. […]

Why Spotlights Are the Dream Kitchen Lighting Option and How to Style Them

Spotlights are one of the latest modern trends in kitchen lighting. They are functional, nice to look at, and give any room a vibrant touch just by existing. If you […]