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Spaceman Sam Lifts Festival Spirits Upwards After England Loss

Henley Festival re-arranged their programme for Sunday evening so that festival-goers could watch England in the Euro Championship finals on […]

Ibiza Comes to Henley Festival

The audience got a double-header on Saturday night on the floating stage at Henley Festival with the euphoric House Gospel […]

Gladys Says Goodbye on a Midnight Train From Henley

The ‘Empress of Soul’ Gladys Knight performed her last ever UK show at the Henley Festival last night on the […]

Dave Stewart Gives Festival Goers Sweet Dreams!

Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics and his band were the headline performer on last night’s floating stage at Henley Festival. […]

Nicole Asks Festival Goers Don’t Cha Want to Have Some Fun Tonight

The atmosphere at the Henley Festival’s opening night was electric, as the crowd eagerly soaked in the vibrant sights and […]