Dark & Humorous HAODS Adaptation of Woyzeck is Terrifyingly Brilliant

The works of George Buchner are little known in this country but in Germany, his literary achievements, though few in […]

Ben Fogle From Reality TV to Real-Life Adventures

Being an early reality TV star in BBC’s Castaway, Ben Fogle hated that there was no substance or depth to […]

Weekend of Tremendous Tribute Music Acts at The Kenton

The Kenton hosted an excellent weekend of live music tribute acts with Liam Raven performing as Harry Styles on Friday […]

Rags to Riches Play Brilliantly Performed by Henley Players

We were very much looking forward to a night at The Kenton watching Pygmalion watching some familiar names and faces […]

Jack Brings Ed Sheeran “Shivers” to The Kenton

Music legend Ed Sheeran with his distinct look, voice and guitar playing would be very difficult to replicate you’d think, […]