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Citizens Advice Extends Lifeline as Universal Credit Sweeps into Oxfordshire

Citizens Advice extends lifeline as Universal Credit sweeps into Oxfordshire. As Oxfordshire South and Vale becomes the latest full service area for the introduction of Universal Credit, the national charity […]

Save Money on Energy Bills with Citizens Advice Calculator

Save money on energy bills with Citizens Advice calculator Anyone aiming to save money on energy bills can use the Citizens Advice price comparison tool to look for a cheaper […]

Citizens Advice: Are You Entitled to Sick Pay?

People often ask us for advice on sick pay they haven’t received but to which they thought they were entitled. It seems that some unscrupulous employers avoid paying sick pay […]

Heat Your Home and Save Money

Are you having problems heating your house, or do you feel that you’re paying more than you should? South Oxfordshire Citizens Advice is urging people to take action, cut their […]

Citizens Advice Puts Pension Options in your Hands

Q. I’ve heard that the new pension reforms say I will have full access to my pension pot when I turn 55. How do I work out what I should […]