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Cartoon – New Henley Vicar

CAU Closed After Group Goes Into Administration

Gaucho who own CAU restaurants have announced today that all sites including Henley will immediately close after going into administration. Accountancy firm Deloitte has been appointed as administrator. It said […]

Students Push Themselves Beyond Limits on Outdoor Activity Week

On Sunday 8 July, 58 students and 5 staff from Gillotts School settled themselves on a 70 seater coach to brave a 5 hour trip to Brecon Beacons, West Wales, […]

School Children Help at Swan Upping

This year the annual long standing tradition of Swan Upping (counting and tagging the swans on the river) came through Henley yesterday at lunchtime and were helped by Year 5 children […]

Have Your Say – Inappropriate Paperchase Products in Window?

Paperchase stationery products are renowned for their bright colours and cute designs many aimed at young children including my eight-year-old daughter who loves to spend her pocket money in there. […]