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Bridge Footpath Still Closed After 3 Months

The footpath bridge on the Bucks side of the river on the Fawley section of the footpath (No 12) has still not been fixed by Buckinghamshire County Council after 3 […]

Former Club Chairman Unveils Stunning Swan Picture Gift

Heather Marsh’s stunning photograph of a swan which has been printed on to a large canvas (165 x 80cm) was unveiled on the upper floor of the Riverside Pavilion at […]

Students from South Dakota Visit Henley

Students and professors from Augustana University, South Dakota visited Henley on Tuesday and were given a tour of Henley Town Hall by Henley Mayor, Councillor Glen Lambert as part of […]

Cartoon – Rats at Singers Park


Do You Need Help With Care Advice & Support for Your Elderly Relatives?

Many of us are now part of the “Sandwich Generation,” i.e we’ve taken on elderly relatives whilst still caring for their children. The charity Human Rights Watch has just published […]