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Have Your Say – Brigadier Malcom: Unforgettable, Kindly, Energetic to Henley Borama Twins

I am sending the condolence to Brigadier Malcolm Page. We are so sorry to hear that Malcolm has passed away 12 Jan 2021. I am sending my condolences to his […]

Your Photos – Bernie Sanders Takes a Rest On Henley Park Bench!

After Bernie Sanders went viral last week with memes being created after he was photographed sitting cross-legged wearing a mask, jacket and mittens at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, Ria Nyangiti, […]

Have Your Say – National Clean Air Day

Dear Sir, Today, Thursday 8th October is National Clean Air Day. The good news is that in general pollution levels are falling across the country because we are eliminating our […]

Have Your Say – Send 100th Birthday Card to Henley’s Last Surviving Veteran

Just recently you did a wonderful article on Henley resident Dick Charlton, a veteran soldier from the second world war. Dick whose wife Doris died on Boxing Day, has now […]