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Julian Captures Incredible Aurora With Temple Island

Last Friday night, many residents took photos of the unusual aurora borealis after a huge geomagnetic storm gave northern lights […]

Have Your Say – Call For Thames Water to be Taken Back into Public Ownership

Henley Mermaids (Jo Robb, Joan Fennelly, Susan Barry, Fiona Print) and myself  have signed up to We Own It, calling […]

Have Your Say – Henley Youth Festival Thanks

Dear Editor, Your readers will have seen some brilliant pictures and articles over the last couple of weeks showing how […]

Have Your Say – Thank You for World Day Books

My sincere thanks to all the Henley residents who kindly donated books at the Town Hall on World Book Day. […]

Have Your Say – Binmen Please Take Pride in Your Job

I am extreme grateful that people empty our rubbish and do service for the community in this way – not […]