Have Your Say

Have Your Say – Brexit

Yes I voted to remain because I have worked extensively in a team across Europe with many professionals, have been warmly welcomed by our twinning friends in Leichlingen and Falaise, […]

Have Your Say – Warning About Amazon Prime Scam

Yesterday I received an email from Amazon.prime which suggested I had purchased their service for 12 months at a cost of £79. I had no knowledge of purchasing anything so […]

Have Your Say – Response to Thames Farm Development Vs Highlands Farm

It seems eminently suitable and practical to permit a development of 95 homes which will exit onto an A road. Regular bus services run along this road and the proposed […]

Have Your Say – Dog Poo Bags Part of River Walk Scenery

Last week we visited Henley from London, and had a wonderful walk along the river, a stop at the Flower Pot Hotel, then back over the hills, returning into behind […]