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Your Videos – Swan With Cygnets

Very proud Mummy the Swan had her babies… Filmed by Sophia Lerche-Thomsen on the Henley Reach

Have Your Say – Distressing Reports of Ukrainian Children With Learning Disabilities

Dear Sir On Thursday evening the six o’clock BBC news aired a very distressing and poignant report about children with learning disabilities in Ukraine. It made for difficult viewing. These […]

Have Your Say – Ukraine and Disabled Children in Need

Dear Sir I am writing to highlight the plight of the parents caring for disabled children in the Ukraine. Children with learning disabilities often have additional medical needs such as […]

Have Your Say – Collaboration Between Councils on Riverside Development?

I am puzzled by the influence Wokingham Borough Council has over the presentation/development of our precious Henley riverside. I refer to the application for a fine building on the Wargrave […]