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Young Twinners United by the Common Language of Music

For the seventeenth year running, young musicians from Henley and its German twin town of Leichlingen met for a weekend […]

Matthew Bason Theatre Organist First Show in Henley

Matthew Bason renowned Theatre Organist makes his first appearance in Henley on 13 October at Henley Town Hall at 3pm. […]

Community Project ‘The Backhouse Club’ host Fine Wine and Jazz Evenings

Founded by a former Brixton and now Henley resident Michael Warner, whose love of jazz and fine wine seem to […]

Jazz & Blues Festival Announces Opening Night Party Details

The opening night of the Henley Jazz & Blues Festival will be a very special party night at the Little […]

Fun Henley Age UK Autumn Events

Oxfordshire Age UK are putting on a great series of events for the older generation this Autumn in Henley. Whether […]