Rail Boss Answers Henley Branch Questions

Mark Hopwood’s GWR’s Managing Director met with local support group Henley Trains earlier this week, to provide an update on the prognosis for local rail travel in the light of […]

Twyford to Paddington Rail Closed Sunday Morning

Henley Trains advise: “Please be aware that there will be no trains between Twyford and Paddington in either direction until 12.00 this Sunday. Trains will be running from Henley to […]

Station Car Park Charges To Rise

Henley Station car park charges are to rise by 30p to £4.80 per day from 11 December. Mark Hopwood, Managing Director at Great Western Railway, advises: Dear Henley Herald readers, […]

Henley Branch Line Electrification Deferred

Mark Hopwood, GWR’s Managing Director advises Henley rail travellers: “You may have seen that the Minister for Rail Paul Maynard has today confirmed that Network Rail will be deferring four […]

Christmas and Electrification Rail News

Paddington Station will be closed during the Christmas to New Year Period.  Mark Hopwood, GWR’s Managing Director, advises: “I thought Henley branch users would want to have early notice of […]