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Gardening Blog – Hoe Before the Weeds Appear

  Last year my carrots didn’t germinate so I didn’t have to think about the pests that might be interested […]

Gardening Blog – Carrots Back on the Menu

After an unavoidable week away from the allotment, the weeds are back and the grass needs cutting. But there are […]

Gardening Blog – Planting by the Moon

All of a sudden there’s a lot going on. I was away for Easter when many of my allotment neighbours […]

Gardening Blog – Tips from the Top

If I had to draw up a shortlist of the gardens I most enjoy visiting, Great Dixter in East Sussex […]

Plans for Chelsea Fringe Henley Starting to Take Seed

Local Gardener Victoria Newton and local florist Jane Macfarlane Duckworth outlined their plans for the first Henley Chelsea Fringe which […]