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Gardening Blog – Poppies Galore

  I love this time of year. Everything is waking up and there’s a lot to look forward to. Seed […]

Gardening Blog – Chitting and Chelsea Fringe Henley

  It’s time to chit the seed potatoes. Thanks to advice gleaned from the  Allotment Association’s planning evening, ‘First Early’ […]

Gardening Blog – Top Allotment Tips

‘Think about the things your family will eat’ was just one of the brilliant tips Tamsin Borlase gave Allotment Association […]

Gardening Blog – What, when and how?

This year’s planting will be an experiment for me. I’ve grown fruit and vegetables for a while, but always on […]

Happy New Gardening Year!

No doubt December has been as hectic for you as it has been for me. It’s lucky that Christmas coincides […]