Car on Fire in St Andrews Road

A Land Rover was on fire on St Andrews Road tonight (Friday) at around 7.30pm.

John Oakes from the Gainsborough estate was walking up the road when he noticed a red glow underneath the car and started knocking on peoples’ doors to find out who it belonged to and called the fire brigade.

A number of people tried to put out the fire with extinguishers from their cars and Councillor Dave Eggleton stopped at the scene and used two fire extinguishers he had in his van which he tried to put out the fire with.

The fire brigade arrived from Reading after 20 minutes and the fire was quickly put out and luckily no further damage or injury was caused.

Dave told us, “The flames were as high as the trees and although our extinguishers halted the fire slightly, it was really lucky that the fire didn’t escalate as it took the fire brigade twenty minutes to get here from Reading.”


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