Herald Takes 10♥ on New Henley Playing Cards

A specially designed pack of Henley playing cards is being produced by Emma Sweet (pictured below) which will feature Henley’s iconic buildings, attractions, events and independent businesses and will be available to buy in Spring 2023.

Emma’s full-time job is Marketing Manager at Brakspear and she came up with the playing cards idea a few years ago. She said, “When I first came up with the idea, I could not find a way to make it work for Brakspear as we have only 11 pubs in the town centre, so I decided I would do something bigger.  I work in Henley every day. My friends who live here say I know more about the town than they do as I probably spend more time here in and out of work.”

Posting the idea on the Henley Community Matters Facebook page to gauge the reaction, Emma was inundated with people wanting to get involve and sponsor a card.  Emma added, “The picture cards were quickly taken and the feedback on the idea has been brilliant.”  All of the cards have been taken by sponsors now.  Sheridan Jacklin-Edward at Henley Town Council agreed to sponsor 6 cards including the Town Hall, Farmers’ Market and Adventure Golf and the Fairmile Vineyard have taken the 10 Diamonds.

The cards are being designed by a local designer who Emma worked with a few years ago when she was involved in a Henley tourism alliance who created some Henley branding.

In the packs there will be 2 ‘Wild Cards’ instead of jokers which will feature 2 hidden gems of Henley.

The cards will be available to buy for £8 from local retailers and 25p from the sale will go to a local charity to be decided upon.  A website will be designed detailing all the cards with links to the sponsor websites to create an online guide to Henley.

The Henley Herald definitely wanted to get involved and have taken the 10♥.  Editor, Michaela Clarke said, “I was very keen for the Herald to part of this great idea. I’ve worked with Emma closely for a number of years as Brakspear are a sponsor of ours. It was an easy choice for me as to which card we should have as we’re 10 years old next year and I LOVE Henley and our community.”

The cards will be a launched at the Old Fire Station Gallery at an exhibition on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 March when the cards will be blown up to A4 size and framed by Jack’s Gallery so everyone can come and see the cards showcased extra large for one weekend only! The exhibition will be open 10am until 4pm with decks as cards available to buy too.

More details about the event will be shared on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/aceplacescards and if you would like to register an interest in buying packs of cards directly or retailers who would like to stock them, please complete the form on the website www.acehenley.co.uk