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Have Your Say – Illegal & Selfish Parking

I took pictures of cars parked illegally and selfishly along the river today (Sunday). This one (above), you will note how my 3 year old grandson had to walk in […]

Have Your Say – Response to Historical Group Letter on Bridge Lights

Dear Sir I refer to Ruth Gibson’s letter have-your-say-lights-will-have-long-term-damage-to-historic-bridge/ representing HA&HG (Henley Archaeological & Historical Group) regarding the proposal of LED lights on the Henley bridge and respectfully point out […]

Have Your Say – Lights Will Have Long Term Damage to Historic Bridge

An application for Listed Building Consent for removal of the present, unauthorized lights and permanent replacement lights, has been submitted to  Wokingham Borough Council by a Robert Drayton. The bridge […]

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away after Rewind South Festival…

On Saturday, Lord Vader accompanied by Princess Leia and several uniformed Empire Stormtroopers visited the Galaxy of stars at Henley’s Rewind South Festival. When darkness fell Lord Vader and his […]

Have Your Say – Thank You for Moon-Tastic Endeavour

Dear Editor, I am writing on behalf of the Gillotts Parents Association to thank everyone involved in the fantastic Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Celebration in Market Place on Saturday evening. […]