Should I Start Investing? Tips for Beginners

Inflation is rising dramatically, exceeding even the high forecasts made at the start of the year –– and eating into people’s savings. At times like this even more than usual, […]

Lions Swimarathon

Saturday 26 March
From 1.00pm
Henley Leisure Centre

Weekend Staycations: 4 Relaxing Vacation Destinations in the UK

From coastal breaks down in Cornwall to county strolls up in Cumbria, the UK is full of relaxing vacation destinations. You don’t necessarily have to travel across the globe in […]

Thinking of Starting a B2B Company in the UK? This is what you should know

Starting a B2B company is a daunting prospect, especially given the disruptions posed by the economy and the pandemic in recent years. You may wonder whether it is wise to […]

Indoor Plants are Changing How You Feel for the Better

You might have seen plants getting nurtured at the homes and offices of friends and employees. You may have contemplated it by yourself but then remembered how much care and […]

Calling for Poppy Appeal Collectors to Fundraise

Henley-on-Thames Community Poppy Appeal is seeking volunteers to fundraise for few hours a year as its iconic street collectors during Remembrance, as well as fundraise with special events and tasks. […]

Henley Royal Regatta

11-15 August

5 Ways to Create a Positive Living Space

After everything we have been through over the last 18 months, we all need a massive boost of positivity in our lives. Understandably we are all mentally and emotionally drained […]

Henley Arts Trail

17-18 July Various venues and times Free entry to 39 open studio venues in and around Henley, Shiplake, Twyford and Charvil. Showing creative work by talented local artists. Paintings, prints, […]

11 Ways to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

There has been a push towards living a more sustainable lifestyle over recent years. With the rise in global warming and the increasing concerns over air pollution, many people are […]