How to Prepare for a Successful Company Outing This Winter

Autumn is upon us, and Christmas isn’t far off, which means it’s time to start thinking about ways to give back to your employees and say thank you – if […]

How Homeowners Can Help Protect Their Local Environment And Wildlife

Everyone has a responsibility for the environment. We all share the planet and our local areas, not just with one another but with plant life and animal life too. There […]

Electric Cars: What to Know Before Getting Behind the Wheel

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Essential Processes That Small Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing

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Illuminated Boat Parade

Saturday 24 September
Starting from Fawley Meadows

Top Tips for People Who Travel Frequently for Work

Traveling for work can be exciting, as it allows you to see different places and keeps things fresh. However, although visiting another part of the country or the world can […]

Opening A Business In Henley: 3 Tips

Henley is an area that is undergoing a green and sustainable transition right now. Due to this, a budding entrepreneur could look for plenty of business opportunities. If you want […]

Henley Country Craft Show

26-29 August
Stonor Park

‘Art Works’ Exhibition by Reading Guild of Artists

22 July – 2 August
Old Fire Station Gallery

Trad Boat Festival

15-17 July
Fawley Meadows