Everything You Need to Know About the Government’s MTD ITSA Pilot Programme

The government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative is set to modernise the income tax and self-assessment system in the UK. It claims that the new process will be “more effective” […]

Henley Women’s Regatta

17-19 June

How to Send Sympathy Flowers

If you find yourself grieving the loss of someone special, one way to express this sorrow is by sending sympathy flowers. This gesture both honours their life and provides comfort […]

The Close Community Garage Sale

Saturday 2 April
The Close

England Women’s U20 Rugby International V France

Saturday 2 April
Dry Leas

How You Can Keep Yourself from Falling into the Same Old Patterns

Falling into the same patterns can be easy if you live in a small town. This means that you are going to need to switch things up to make the […]

Should I Start Investing? Tips for Beginners

Inflation is rising dramatically, exceeding even the high forecasts made at the start of the year –– and eating into people’s savings. At times like this even more than usual, […]

Lions Swimarathon

Saturday 26 March
From 1.00pm
Henley Leisure Centre

Weekend Staycations: 4 Relaxing Vacation Destinations in the UK

From coastal breaks down in Cornwall to county strolls up in Cumbria, the UK is full of relaxing vacation destinations. You don’t necessarily have to travel across the globe in […]

Thinking of Starting a B2B Company in the UK? This is what you should know

Starting a B2B company is a daunting prospect, especially given the disruptions posed by the economy and the pandemic in recent years. You may wonder whether it is wise to […]