Health & Wellbeing

Hearing Health Talk 20 February 2018

1 in 6 people in the UK have a hearing loss. This can make communication difficult and impact education, work and family life creating a knock-on effect to general wellbeing. […]

Take the Weight Off Your Mind – Make New Year’s Resolution Turn into Reality

Most people put on weight over the festive season because they eat and drink more calories than they burn through everyday movement and body functions. It might seem obvious but […]

Hannah’s Nail Salon Offers Much More Than Those on the High Street

Enterprising young Hannah Pirie with the help from Darren West opened her nail salon, Hannah Victoria Nails earlier this year in one of Darren’s units at Henley Self Storage in […]

Cambridge Weight Plan Used in Diabetes Remission Trial

A landmark trial funded by Diabetes UK has shown that it is possible to put Type 2 diabetes into remission using an intensive low calorie formula diet-based weight management programme. […]

Still Time to Lose Weight to Get Into That Christmas Dress

Looking to get into that little black dress for Christmas?  Well there’s still plenty of time to lose some weight over the next five weeks.  Kimberley Maddox, Henley’s Cambridge Weight […]

Fed Up With Same Old Diet Club?

Two pounds off, two pounds on, queue up every week and pay to get weighed and then told you could do better? Well you can do better! Cambridge Weight Plan […]

Patients Experience Leading Personal Care at Townlands Rapid Access Care Unit

The Townlands Memorial Hospital Rapid Access Care Unit (RACU) has now been open for 9 months and we were delighted to be invited to have a look around and to […]

Diabetes & End of Life Planning Free Talks at Townlands

End of Life Planning – 14 November at 2.30-4.30pm, Townlands Hospital The Bell Surgery, as part of its Life Planning series of talks, has invited speakers from Sue Ryder to […]

Have You Had Your Flu Jab?

The annual fight against flu has begun and across Oxfordshire people are being invited to get their vaccination against the virus. A flu vaccine is available for free on the […]

Mindfulness Based Living Course

Mindfulness is simply about being in touch with what is going on both inside and outside of your body and mind. It’s an awareness of your thoughts and feelings as […]