Kitty Debuts at Living Advent Calendar on Day 4

After three years of trying, Kitty Mazinsky debuted at the Living Advent Calendar at Handlesbanken in Greys Road car park on day 4. Singing from the first floor window, Kitty’s […]

Henley Children’s Theatre Delight Crowds on Day 3 Of Living Advent Calendar

Hearts melted at Day 3 of the Living Advent Calendar as Henley Children’s Theatre put on an irresistibly sweet performance. The group of talented young performers sang a medley of […]

The Tonyx Provide Festive Cheer for Door 2 of Living Advent Calendar

The Tonyx, a female barbershop quartet with a Christmas twist provided an entertaining evening at The Angel on the Bridge for door 2 of the Living Advent Calendar. Many Henley […]

Tooting Looting Sax Bandits Open Living Advent Calendar

The Sax Bandits, a group of around 60 saxophonists opened the Living Advent Calendar show last night in Market Place with a tooting looting spectacular show. Hundreds of people came […]