Your Photos – A Quacking Tale

PCSO Claire Hewett took the above photo on Monday morning. A young man and woman from The Henley College were guiding the mother duck and the ducklings from Market Place […]

Have Your Say – Brexit

Yes I voted to remain because I have worked extensively in a team across Europe with many professionals, have been warmly welcomed by our twinning friends in Leichlingen and Falaise, […]

Have Your Say – Warning About Amazon Prime Scam

Yesterday I received an email from which suggested I had purchased their service for 12 months at a cost of £79. I had no knowledge of purchasing anything so […]

Have Your Say – Response to Thames Farm Development Vs Highlands Farm

It seems eminently suitable and practical to permit a development of 95 homes which will exit onto an A road. Regular bus services run along this road and the proposed […]

Have Your Say – Dog Poo Bags Part of River Walk Scenery

Last week we visited Henley from London, and had a wonderful walk along the river, a stop at the Flower Pot Hotel, then back over the hills, returning into behind […]

Have Your Say – Clean Air for Henley

Taking particulate readings in Henley the results are 30% up on a year ago. So you should be reminded that Fighting for Air on BBC2 last Wednesday night can still […]

Have Your Say – Thank You to Henley Schools and Children for Remembrance

I wanted to say how amazing the school children in Henley were in their awareness of and involvement in activities to mark this year’s Remembrance.  I have just received this […]

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Have Your Say – Taking Your Life in Your Hands

Driving around our country roads near Henley and Peppard has become an increasingly hazardous and dangerous occupation these days. There are an increased number of large muck lorries (David Einig […]

Have Your Say – Loss of Car Park Spaces

After months of what seems no action by SODC to get the fenced off spaces reopened in the King’s Road car park (4 for the installation of electrical charging points […]