Rotary Presents Award to FourState Shop for Plastic Reduction

FourState, the eco-friendly and sustainable living shop on Duke Street has been awarded the third Henley-on-Thames Rotary Club ‘End Plastic Soup’ Award for their significant action to cut down on plastic waste this week.

The shop offers refillable products that include washing up and laundry detergent, hand soaps and cleaners along with unique recycled products like belts and bags from old fire hoses.

Henley-on-Thames Rotary Club has become an active participant in the international Rotary’s End Plastic Soup campaign, designed to minimise plastic waste and prevent the pollution of the planet’s waterways. As part of the campaign, they have created an award to recognise the independent businesses who are doing their part to combat plastic pollution.  Award winners receive a framed certificate and a window sticker to be displayed in the shop.

FourState Co-owner Patrick Brown, “Really pleased to receive this award.  We always wanted to make sure we were doing the most to reduce plastic.  We’re all about reusing plastic and taking single-use plastic and turning it into other use and recycling it.   We saw that Drifters next door got this award and we were really pleased for them and it’s good to get a bit of recognition.  We’ve been trying to do this for coming up for 2 years since we opened.  Henley locals have really embraced the refill side.  We have people coming in with IKEA bags full of bottles asking us to refill them.  We want to work with businesses too to get them to use perhaps the refill hand soap in their toilets.”

Rotary President, Craig Wilson said, “It is very important to reduce plastic and we are trying to expand the awards.  This is the third one in Henley and we are looking for more people to give an award to highlight what they are doing.  I hope it will encourage other businesses to want to covert this.”

If you can think of a local business deserving of recognition in their battle against plastic waste, email Rotary Club Henley’s secretary, Phil Fletcher: